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The Little Penguin    
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 Contact Info
Address: Foster's Wine Estates Americas Company
, SA
Phone: 707-258-8755
 Business Description
Like the charming and approachable seabird on the label, The Little Penguin wines are appropriate for any occasion. From a party with the whole colony to a quiet night in the burrow, The Little Penguin enjoys nothing more than socializing and foraging for delacacies. Consider yourself invited to do the same with these delightful, South Eastern Australian wines.

 Winery Info
Wine Makers:
Surface Area:
Varietals Grown: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz/Syrah
Wine NameVarietalRelease
30798000Chardonnay South Eastern AustraliaChardonnay2006$8.00861
30798100Cabernet Sauvignon South Eastern AustraliaCabernet Sauvignon2005$8.00881
30798400Chardonnay South Eastern AustraliaChardonnay2005$8.00861
30798600Merlot South Eastern AustraliaMerlot2005$8.00851
30798200Pinot Noir South Eastern AustraliaPinot Noir2005$8.00871
30798500Shiraz South Eastern AustraliaShiraz/Syrah2005$8.00832
30798800Cabernet Sauvignon South Eastern AustraliaCabernet Sauvignon2004$8.00851
30798300Chardonnay South Eastern AustraliaChardonnay2004$8.00861
30799000Merlot South Eastern AustraliaMerlot2004$8.00811
30798900Pinot Noir South Eastern AustraliaPinot Noir2004$8.00811
30798700Shiraz South Eastern AustraliaShiraz/Syrah2004$8.00861
28105300Cabernet Sauvignon South Eastern AustraliaCabernet Sauvignon2003$7.00851
28105600Chardonnay South Eastern AustraliaChardonnay2003$7.00821
28105400Merlot South Eastern AustraliaMerlot2003$7.00841
28105500Shiraz South Eastern AustraliaShiraz/Syrah2003$7.00851

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