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The Cistercian monks were the first to select the grape variety Pinot Noir for this area. They
recommended it to the Dukes of Burgundy who sometimes imposed it harshly. The Dukes forbade the
planting of the "Gamay"grape variety, considering that it was not adapted to the limestone soil.

 Winery Info
Wine Makers:
Surface Area:
Varietals Grown: Other Red Wines, Other White Wines, Pinot Noir
Wine NameVarietalRelease
30823900Bourgogne TraditionPinot Noir2005$15.00751
24734900Chambertin-Clos de BezeOther Red Wines2002$142.00851
24738200Clos de VougeotOther Red Wines2002$100.00821
24733400Nuits-St.-Georges Clos des Grandes VignesOther Red Wines2002$49.00881
24740000Savigny-les-BeauneOther Red Wines2002$24.00791
24746000Bourgogne White TraditionOther White Wines2002$12.00861
24744500Chablis Cote de LechetOther White Wines2002$34.00911
24746100Meursault Clos du CrominOther White Wines2002$35.00861
24745600Pouilly-Fuisse Domaine GreffetOther White Wines2002$23.00871
24746900Puligny-MontrachetOther White Wines2002$41.00831
24747900St.-VeranOther White Wines2002$14.00801
24743600Cabernet Sauvignon Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines2001$6.00731
24742700Merlot Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines2001$6.00751
24737500Vosne-Romanee Beaux MontsOther Red Wines2001$63.00831
24738300Beaune GrevesOther Red Wines2000$39.00821
24740200BourgogneOther Red Wines2000$12.00791
24732400Chambertin-Clos de BezeOther Red Wines2000$125.00901
24733600Clos de VougeotOther Red Wines2000$95.00881
24740100Corton Clos du RoiOther Red Wines2000$65.00791
24743900Nuits-St.-Georges Les ThoreyOther Red Wines2000$32.00721
24743100Pommard EpenotsOther Red Wines2000$40.00741
24742200Vosne-Romanee MalconsortsOther Red Wines2000$45.00761
24746700Sauvignon Vin de Pays d'Oc Sur Lie Hugues Le JusteOther White Wines2000$8.00841
24746400Savigny-les-Beaune WhiteOther White Wines2000$20.00851
24737400Beaujolais NouveauOther Red Wines1999$8.00831
24736000Beaune GrevesOther Red Wines1999$31.00841
24742600Cabernet Sauvignon Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1999$8.00751
24735900Corton Clos du RoiOther Red Wines1999$54.00841
24742000Merlot Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1999$8.00771
24738400Nuits-St.-Georges Les ChoreyOther Red Wines1999$40.00821
24740300Pinot Noir Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1999$9.00791
24743200Savigny-les-BeauneOther Red Wines1999$22.00741
24739500Vosne-Romanee MalconsortsOther Red Wines1999$50.00801
24749000Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther White Wines1999$8.00681
24741200Syrah Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1998$8.00781
24737700Aloxe-CortonOther Red Wines1996$28.00831
24739800Beaujolais-Villages Domaine de ReyssiersOther Red Wines1996$9.00791
24740400Chambolle-MusignyOther Red Wines1996$33.00791
24739900Charmes-ChambertinOther Red Wines1996$62.00791
24743500Cote de Nuits-VillagesOther Red Wines1996$18.00731
24737300Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1996$9.00831
24741300Gevrey-ChambertinOther Red Wines1996$29.00781
24735100MonthelieOther Red Wines1996$17.00851
24743300Beaujolais-Villages Domaine de ReyssiersOther Red Wines1995$12.00741
24739600Chenas Les MelardieresOther Red Wines1995$14.00801
24739000Cote de Beaune-VillagesOther Red Wines1995$15.00811
24737100Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1995$7.00831
24733700Gevrey-ChambertinOther Red Wines1995$26.00881
24740500MonthelieOther Red Wines1995$20.00791
24734500Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1995$26.00861
24737200Syrah Vin de Pays d'Oc Pavillon St.-JamesOther Red Wines1995$7.00831
24746600Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc Pavillon St.-JamesOther White Wines1995$8.00841
24736200Chiroubles Domaine PlaforetOther Red Wines1994$15.00841
24743800Cote de Beaune-VillagesOther Red Wines1994$20.00721
24741400Cote de Brouilly Chateau de la PerriereOther Red Wines1994$15.00781
24743400Cote de Nuits-VillagesOther Red Wines1994$21.00731
24743700Gevrey-ChambertinOther Red Wines1994$34.00731
24741800Hautes-Cotes de Beaune Les AlouettesOther Red Wines1994$17.00771
24740700Languedoc-Roussillon Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1994$7.00791
24736300Maranges Les Clos RoussotsOther Red Wines1994$23.00841
24743000Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1994$31.00741
24736100Moulin-a-Vent Les JoiesOther Red Wines1994$18.00841
24741700Pinot Noir Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther Red Wines1994$9.00771
24740900Pinot Noir Vin de Pays d'Oc Pavillon St.-JamesOther Red Wines1994$9.00791
24738500Pommard Les RugiensOther Red Wines1994$45.00821
24740600Pommard MurchauxOther Red Wines1994$38.00791
24744000SantenayOther Red Wines1994$25.00691
24739100VolnayOther Red Wines1994$29.00811
24744700Batard-MontrachetOther White Wines1994$85.00901
24748100Bourgogne White TraditionOther White Wines1994$12.00781
24746300Chablis Communaux d'AronceOther White Wines1994$22.00851
24748300Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc Hugues Le JusteOther White Wines1994$9.00771
24745400Corton-CharlemagneOther White Wines1994$60.00871
24747200Hautes-Cotes de Beaune White Les AlouettesOther White Wines1994$15.00821
24747700Hautes-Cotes de Nuits WhiteOther White Wines1994$14.00811
24746200MeursaultOther White Wines1994$29.00851
24747300Meursault Clos du CrominOther White Wines1994$28.00821
24744800Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1994$37.00891
24746500Pouilly-Fuisse Domaine GreffetOther White Wines1994$22.00841
24745900Puligny-MontrachetOther White Wines1994$30.00861
24745500Puligny-Montrachet Les PerrieresOther White Wines1994$39.00871
24747100St.-Veran Domaine de la VerchereOther White Wines1994$12.00821
24742900Morgon TastevinageOther Red Wines1993$16.00751
24747400Chablis Communaux d'AronceOther White Wines1992$25.00821
24747500Cotes du Rhone White Les ViolettesOther White Wines1992$8.00821
24739200Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1991$7.00811
24742300Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1991$30.00761
24747800Corton-CharlemagneOther White Wines1991$60.00801
24746800Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1991$45.00831
24734100BeauneOther Red Wines1990$26.00871
24742800Bourgogne Passe-tout-grains Notre Dame des CepsOther Red Wines1990$9.00751
24738100Brouilly Chateau BelliardOther Red Wines1990$13.00821
24736400Charmes-ChambertinOther Red Wines1990$35.00841
24735800ChiroublesOther Red Wines1990$13.00841
24733100Corton Clos des VergennesOther Red Wines1990$53.00891
24737900Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1990$7.00821
24738900EchezeauxOther Red Wines1990$45.00811
24735200Fixin Clos de la PerriereOther Red Wines1990$30.00851
24732200Fleurie Chateau du VivierOther Red Wines1990$17.00911
24735300Gevrey-ChambertinOther Red Wines1990$33.00851
24740800Hautes-Cotes de Beaune Les AlouettesOther Red Wines1990$16.00791
24741900JulienasOther Red Wines1990$15.00771
24739300Julienas Bois de la SalleOther Red Wines1990$13.00811
24732500Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1990$33.00901
24734200Morgon Domaine du Cret de RuyereOther Red Wines1990$13.00861
24738000Moulin-a-Vent Chateau du VivierOther Red Wines1990$16.00821
24734400Pommard Les RugiensOther Red Wines1990$50.00861
24744200Regnie Domaine de ReyssiersOther Red Wines1990$12.00661
24734600St.-Amour Domaine des PinsOther Red Wines1990$16.00861
24748800Chassagne-MontrachetOther White Wines1990$20.00721
24745800Meursault Clos du CrominOther White Wines1990$27.00861
24745200Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1990$45.00881
24748400Puligny-MontrachetOther White Wines1990$39.00761
24736900Aloxe-Corton Les AffouagesOther Red Wines1989$0.00831
24732900Corton Clos des VergennesOther Red Wines1989$40.00891
24737600Cote de Brouilly Chateau de la PerriereOther Red Wines1989$15.00831
24735500Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1989$7.00851
24733800FixinOther Red Wines1989$0.00881
24734300Fixin Clos d'Entre Deux VellesOther Red Wines1989$28.00861
24737000Hautes-Cotes de Beaune Les AlouettesOther Red Wines1989$17.00831
24736500Hautes-Cotes de Nuits Les Vignes HautesOther Red Wines1989$0.00841
24735000Ladoix Cote de BeauneOther Red Wines1989$0.00851
24733000Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1989$28.00891
24737800Rully RedOther Red Wines1989$14.00821
24741600VacqueyrasOther Red Wines1989$9.00771
24747600ChablisOther White Wines1989$26.00811
24748000Hautes-Cotes de Beaune White Les AlouettesOther White Wines1989$15.00781
24748200Macon-Villages Domaine de MontbelletOther White Wines1989$11.00771
24733500Beaune Hospices de Beaune Cuvee Clos des AvauxOther Red Wines1988$80.00881
24736600Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1988$6.00841
24735700Fixin Confrerie des Chevaliers du TastevinOther Red Wines1988$19.00841
24736800Hautes-Cotes de Beaune Les AlouettesOther Red Wines1988$15.00831
24732100Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1988$30.00911
24732800Nuits-St.-Georges Hospices de Nuits Cuvee Jacques DuretOther Red Wines1988$68.00891
24735600St.-JosephOther Red Wines1988$15.00851
24744100Gevrey-ChambertinOther Red Wines1987$20.00661
24745700ChablisOther White Wines1987$17.00861
24748700Chassagne-Montrachet La RomaneeOther White Wines1987$31.00741
24749100MeursaultOther White Wines1987$24.00631
24748600Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1987$33.00741
24735400Fixin Clos de la PerriereOther Red Wines1986$18.00851
24738700Hautes-Cotes de Nuits Les HameauxOther Red Wines1986$11.00811
24744400Batard-MontrachetOther White Wines1986$70.00941
24745000Chassagne-Montrachet La RomaneeOther White Wines1986$40.00881
24744600Corton-CharlemagneOther White Wines1986$70.00901
24745100Meursault Clos du CrominOther White Wines1986$28.00881
24747000Meursault Le PorusotOther White Wines1986$37.00821
24748500Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1986$37.00741
24745300Puligny-MontrachetOther White Wines1986$33.00881
24741500BourgogneOther Red Wines1985$7.00781
24731500Charmes-ChambertinOther Red Wines1985$55.00941
24736700Chassagne-Montrachet Red MorgeotOther Red Wines1985$15.00841
24731800Corton Clos des VergennesOther Red Wines1985$36.00921
24734800Cotes du Rhone Les ViolettesOther Red Wines1985$4.00851
24731600EchezeauxOther Red Wines1985$47.00941
24739700Fixin Clos d'Entre Deux VellesOther Red Wines1985$16.00791
24738600Fleurie GrumagOther Red Wines1985$8.00811
24733900Morey-St.-Denis Monts LuisantsOther Red Wines1985$21.00871
24732000Pommard Clos des EpeneauxOther Red Wines1985$45.00921
24734700Pommard Les RugiensOther Red Wines1985$40.00851
24732700Volnay Clos des ChenesOther Red Wines1985$32.00891
24748900ChablisOther White Wines1985$14.00681
24744900Chablis VaillonsOther White Wines1985$16.00891
24744300Meursault Les CharmesOther White Wines1985$30.00951
24742100ChambertinOther Red Wines1984$42.00761
24739400Chambertin-Clos de BezeOther Red Wines1984$42.00801
24733200Chambolle-MusignyOther Red Wines1984$15.00891
24732300Clos de VougeotOther Red Wines1984$32.00901
24731300EchezeauxOther Red Wines1984$30.00961
24741100Fixin Clos d'Entre Deux VellesOther Red Wines1984$11.00781
24732600Grands EchezeauxOther Red Wines1984$39.00901
24731900MusignyOther Red Wines1984$38.00921
24734000Romanee St.-VivantOther Red Wines1984$42.00871
24731700Chambertin-Clos de BezeOther Red Wines1983$60.00931
24731400Clos de VougeotOther Red Wines1983$45.00951
24733300Corton Clos des VergennesOther Red Wines1983$19.00881
24741000Fixin Clos de la PerriereOther Red Wines1983$12.00781
24742400Hautes-Cotes de NuitsOther Red Wines1983$6.00761
24742500Volnay Clos des ChenesOther Red Wines1983$15.00751
24738800Vin de Table Francais NVOther Red Wines$5.00811

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