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2008 Concannon Vineyard Righteously Rosé Livermore Valley        
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iWineDb Score 93
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Winery: Concannon Vineyard
Varietal: Rose
Varietal Type: Rose
Vintage: 2008
Release Price: $12.00
Cases Made:
Winemaker's Notes
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ScoreUserCityStateCountryTasting NotesTime
7593JaneGarveyAtlantaGeorgiaUSASo you think it’s off the charts to drink a rosé in winter? Depends on the rosé. The delicate Tavels are already gone, but the more robust Rhône rosés are absolutely winter-worthy. And what about all the Southern hemisphere rosés that now are ready to drink and are in the market? We should wait until they’re worn out and tired? Not moi. If we’re jiggy with drinking white wines in winter, why not rosés in winter? If the depth of offerings in the genre at the better wine stores is any indication, consumers are beginning to agree. I found this dry rosé at Vic’s on the River in Savannah just last month. Its deep, reddish fuchsia color heralds its robust character. The grapes blend Rhône varieties (Syrah, Cinsault, and Petit Sirah) along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. The aromas burst with red fruit characters enhanced by some brown spices, and on the palate the red fruit picks up additional brown spice--clove, cinnamon, allspice--and lingers a good full minute. This is a delight to sip all by itself, but don’t limit it. Terrific value. Serve moderately chilled, about 55ºF/13ºC in medium-sized tulip-shaped glasses. Foods: So many! Cioppino; bouillabaisse, all manner of warming soups, including Manhattan clam chowder (in tomato), hearty Chinese fare with pork, beef, duck, lamb or chicken; barbecue (including Korean and Chinese, but not Memphis dry rub style); Cajun fare; baked beans; red beans and rice with andouille (or without); smoked chicken, fajitas; chicken or rabbit cacciatore; rabbit or dark meat turkey with prunes and sun-dried tomatoes; beef or pork curry (not too spicy); meatloaf covered with tomato sauce; baked spaghetti with ground beef/pork and tomato; polenta with tomato sauce; couscous or tagine (hold the harissa!). So who cares if it’s sleeting out there?

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