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Ariola Lambrusco Grand Cru I.G.T.        
 Ratings and Awards
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iWineDb Score 90
 (1) Ratings
Winery: Ariola S.r.l.
Varietal: Other Red Wines
Varietal Type: Red
Vintage: NV
Release Price: $18.00
Cases Made:
Winemaker's Notes
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Harvest Date:
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ScoreUserCityStateCountryTasting NotesTime
7590JaneGarveyAtlantaGeorgiaUSAHave you scorned ever drinking a Lambrusco? Thought it simple quaff for old ladies at bridge? Lambrusco like this you may never have savored. If you’re thinking “wine cooler,” flip a switch. Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, Lambrusco was the largest selling imported wine in the U.S., but those slightly spritzy wines belie their potential. This is a deep, dark ruby red dry wine that froths quickly then settles down in the tulip to a rim of tiny bubbles at the outer edge of the glass. Rich fresh dark fruit aromas lead to rich fruit flavors focused on black currant and blackberry. Delicious, and just 10.5% alcohol. Grape types: Lambrusco maestri (90%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%). Lambrusco maestri is one of some 60 clones of Lambrusco planted around Italy. The wine is made in the Charmat (tank) method. Foods: cured meats (amazing), such as saucisson sec, chorizo, assorted salumi, ham, coppo, country-style ribs rubbed with a Memphis-style dry rub; Gorgonzola dolce, and by extension, steak with Gorgonzola cream sauce; smoked or roast duck with figs; roast Cornish hen brushed with melted black currant jam; dark chocolate with a peanut layer.

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