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2005 Silver Webs Merlot Adelaide Hills        
 Ratings and Awards
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iWineDb Score 90
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Winery: Silver Webs Winery
Varietal: Merlot
Varietal Type: Red
Vintage: 2005
Release Price: $20.00
Cases Made:
Winemaker's Notes
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Total Acidity:
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ScoreUserCityStateCountryTasting NotesTime
7590JaneGarveyAtlantaGeorgiaUSAFull-bodied dry red wine; fairly deep inky red. Aromas of white pepper (curiously), but then red fruits emerge, and you get a whiff of strawberry and red raspberry. Dark fruits (plums) dominate flavors with a finish reminiscent of malted milk balls. Nice balance. Very silky, fruit-derived tannins. Just a smidge of heat in the finish, but not much; certainly nothing rich foods can’t handle. A bit dumb when first opened; so decant several hours ahead of serving at cool, room temperature [65ºF (18ºC)] in large tulip-shaped glasses. A potential long-term keeper. Still tasty several days after being opened. Just south of the city of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills produces excellent wines. This is a Merlot specialist. Miles would like this one. Owners Jan and John Smeaton live in Athens, GA, but fly home each season to work the harvest.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Roast duck or Cornish hen with black currant red wine glaze; smoked pork, grilled lamb chop or lamb steak; roast pork tenderloin with dark dried fruit and Vidalia onion stuffing; mild curries, Roaring ‘40s blue (King Island, Australia) or creamy blues, caramel-filled milk chocolate or medium-high (about 55%) dark chocolate.

Atlanta Distributor:
Linda Allison Selections

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