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Italo Cescon Prosecco Marca Trevigiana V.S.A.Q Extra Brut Spumante NV        
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iWineDb Score 88
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Winery: Italo Cescon
Varietal: Sparkling
Varietal Type: Sparkling
Vintage: NV
Release Price: $17.00
Cases Made:
Winemaker's Notes
This Prosecco has lively floral and fruit fragrances with nuances of yeasts and golden delicious apple. It is distinctive and full-bodied, well supported by ripe fruit and impressions of spring blossoms that linger nicely. Should be enjoyed with fish or vegetables, first course seafood dishes, and baked fish. Recommended serving temperature is 46° F.
 Detailed Information
Wine Maker:
Wine Composition: 100% Prosecco
Total Acidity:
Residual Sugar:
Harvest Date:
Release Date:
Bottled Date:
ScoreUserCityStateCountryTasting NotesTime
7588JaneGarveyAtlantaGeorgiaUSAMedium-bodied slightly off-dry white slightly sparkling wine; medium pale straw color. Aromas of fresh fruit and flowers, with ear/golden apple flavors that capture a slight butterscotch note in mid palate. Fruit--focused long finish. Very slightly sparkling, with small bubbles. Grape type: Prosecco, hand harvested. Second fermentation in pressure tank, as is typical of Prosecco. Enjoy for its own merits; and don't compare to Champagne or any other sparkling wine.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Smoked salmon mousse; seafood; Asian fare and anything slightly spicy: grilled bacon-wrapped scallops with honey-mustard or Rémoulade sauce; salt-and-pepper calamari, shrimp or mussels; teriyaki; sweet-and-sour dishes; egg rolls. Vegetable first courses, such as spaghetti squash salad with shaved Reggiano and fresh herbs; and simple baked fish.

Georgia Distributor:
Bacco Fine Wine

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